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Day 3 of 30: Thank You

I have to start this post just thanking everyone for the positive comments throughout my transition to self-employment. I've really been overwhelmed by how many people have reached out in different ways congratulating me. Thank you so much. Every encouraging text, phone call, or comment means a lot to me.

Friday was an all-around productive day starting with a great meeting with Avanti Foods as we previewed their completed web site. It's been a pleasure working with them on a new website design and I'm looking forward to different projects in the future. What a great company to work with. I will be forever grateful to them for helping me get this business off the ground.

Tony and Jeri seemed very happy with their new look website, which we will be releasing soon after a few final touches and a domain transfer. I'm looking forward to breaking down the web design in the future on this blog.

I visited V&C Construction and took some pictures and video for a new video project that should be releasing next week. We also talked about some ideas for the future as we produce content for their social media. Again, V&C is another company that helped me get this business off the ground. Also, great people to work with.

One thing I'm enjoying about this new venture is learning some of my equipment. I really am learning a lot everyday, especially about my camera and video camera. Both devices really are complex with so many different options, I could spend a week of nothing but testing footage with different lighting and scenery. One thing is for sure, I do have two girls at home that love being recorded and they've helped me practice in the past. It must be all the YouTube they watch.

Busy week ahead because I will also be getting started working on a website for Walnut Custom Components. Looking forward to this project and working with the team at WCC to give them a functional website.

I'm heading to do a video tour of a home for sale in Walnut today. This will be my second video tour. I really had a great time doing the first one, so I'm looking forward to this project today. Check out Dahl Real Estate Facebook Page or Jamison Media Services Youtube Page for the final product early next week.

Celebrating a wedding tonight with friends and family. Enjoy this summer weather.

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