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Day 4 of 30: Abby Caught the Bouquet!

We had a great time at the wedding last night. As you can see from the picture (and headline), Abby caught the bouquet. She was pretty proud, but doesn't the old folklore say that she will be the next to get married? I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

Just for fun, I looked up why the bride tosses the bouquet at a wedding. After a quick Google search it says:

"Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that stems from England. Women used to try to rip pieces of the bride's dress and flowers in order to obtain some of her good luck. To escape from the crowd the the bride would toss her bouquet and run away."

There's the answer if you've been wanting to know.

I talked to a few business owners at the wedding about Jamison Media Services. I guess it's true when they say you never stop working when you own your own business. Note to self: Get business cards this week. I had two people ask for cards last night.

As far as work yesterday, I did spend a couple of hours working on a video tour of a house in Walnut. I'm happy with the footage I got. Just a little more editing and it should be released by Tuesday, maybe sooner. I don't think this house will sit on the market very long. It's in a great location and has some really nice features to it.

That's about all the work I did yesterday. I was talking to my wife on my way home from the wedding. Since I was a teenager, I have worked at least two Saturday's a month and for a several year period it was every Saturday.

I'll still be doing work on Saturday's if I need to. But, it's nice to know my hours our flexible now.

Off to church and then Abby's dance recital!

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