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Day 6 of 30: Drone is Fixed!

When the drone crashed last week and the camera arm was bent I had three options. 1) Try to fix myself. 2) Buy a new one. 3) Try to see if a repair shop can fix it.

I thought about option one and there is a Youtube tutorial showing you how to complete the repair, but I'm not very good when it comes to fixing things, especially small electronics, so I was hesitant. I could have bought a new one, but that's a pretty expensive option.

So, I called Technology Made Easy in Peru to see if they could work on a drone. For the past several years, during my time at Illinois Valley Cellular, I referred many customers to TME for cell phone repairs if they didn't have insurance. I have always heard about their great customer service and yesterday I got to experience it firsthand.

I went to TME expecting them to look at the drone and not even knowing if they could fix it. Best case scenario, in my mind, was they would have to order the part and it would be fixed by the end of the week.

Within an hour, the camera arm was fixed and I was ready to go. They just happened to have the exact part in stock that I needed and Corey, the owner of TME, had it looking like new again. I was extremely impressed.

If you ever have any electronic repairs needed (cell phone, iPad, etc.) contact TME. The girls up front are very friendly and helpful. Their technicians do great work.

With so much to do yesterday, it was frustrating to spend my afternoon going to Peru. But, I also picked up supplies for the Town Meeting in Walnut on June 12th so it was a successful trip.

Yesterday, I also finished a video tour of a house in Walnut. As I type this, it is currently uploading to Youtube. I also took some footage around Walnut and Ohio and met briefly with a potential client. Another productive day.

On a personal note, Abby's softball team got their first win last night! I was proud of the team and how they improved after the first game.

Looking forward to another day. Thank you for following along.

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