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Day 9 of 30: Doing What You Love

The picture above was my office for the afternoon yesterday. It's funny, I've shot probably 1-2 hours of video at Green River Country Club over the past few months just to compile a 2-3 minute video. But, that's how videography works sometimes. You shoot and edit until you get a final product you are happy with.

I now have drone footage of every hole at the Country Club, and it will all be used for future projects. I even ran into some old customers yesterday at the golf course. It was great to talk to them and they let me take a little footage of them golfing.

In the evening, I was back at the golf course getting prepared for Saturday's Glow in the Dark Golf Night that I have been Marketing. We took some glow balls and a cart out and golfed a few holes. It was a blast and I can't wait for the event. We learned a few things that we will implement into the evening for safety and to make everything run a little smoother. We have over 30 people signed up, which I'm really happy with the response.

So, it has hit me a few times recently and then yesterday again as I was driving around in a golf cart. Right now, it really doesn't feel like I've worked a day since I started. I love what I'm doing. I've spent years trying to find work that I love, whether that meant working for myself or someone else. Sometimes, it's hard to believe I'm getting paid to fly a drone around. But, I really believe that's going to be a huge part of my business. I really enjoy doing this and once again I thank everyone for the support.

As I pursued finding work that I'm really passionate about I used Dan Miller's principle of evaluating your 1) skills and abilities, 2) personality traits, 3) values, dreams and passions. It sounds simple but it took years of re-evaluating myself to get to this point. I'm more than happy to talk with anyone that wants to pursue starting a side hustle or owning their own business. I've only really been doing this a week, so I'm no expert by any means, but I would offer anyone advice that I can.

Right now the thing I'm trying to learn is finding that work/life balance. Before, I worked 9-6, came home and could completely shut off my work life. Now, I'm really working all the time or at least thinking about work all the time. It's always running through my head about what I have to get completed and what's my schedule for the next day. There is always something I want to work on for my clients, but I also have to work on my marketing my own business too. Eventually, I will get a routine established and I welcome advice from fellow business owners on how to prioritize.

It's Friday! I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Birthday to my little sister, Heather!

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