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Day 10 of 30: Outnumbered!

7-to-1. That was the ratio of girls to me in the house last night as Abby had four girls over for a sleep-over. As bad as that sounds for me, the night went pretty well, actually. We went to the pool, cooked out on the grill, took a walk, had a campfire, played basketball, and got the hose out and everyone got soaked. The girls probably only got a few hours of sleep, but I slept well.

I spent yesterday morning working on websites. I'm currently working on three different websites for customers, all in different stages of the process. I'm really enjoying setting up websites, something I didn't think would be a huge part of the business when I started. I can create a design for you from scratch or update your current site.

For the first time since I've been self-employed, I cut my day short early and worked about half a day. I did spend about an hour in the evening video editing, but that's what I love about flexible hours.

Today, more drone flying, some yard work and glow-in-the-dark golf night at Green River Country Club. Looking ahead, next week is already filling up for me which is a good thing.

I'll end with the following quote from Tony Gaskins. "If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs."

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