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Day 14 of 30: Ross Preserve Video

Yesterday, I posted my new video of the Ross Preserve in Walnut. You can view that video on my Facebook page here. YouTube link coming in the future. I've had some great feedback on the video. In 18 hours it has over 900 views and 14 shares. For my business Facebook page, that is my most viewed video to date. 

I'm proud of the video for a couple of reasons.

The first being I captured some great footage. It turned out there were a couple of different people out fishing on boats, which added a nice effect to the video. When flying the drone, you use your cellphone to watch the footage in real-time. I mentioned to someone it was so bright that day I couldn't see the footage as I was filming, so I'm glad with how it turned out. 

The second was I wanted the Ross Preserve to get some exposure. After a lot of work by the Walnut Park District, this area was opened to the public last year. I believe a lot of people still don't realize exactly what is offered here and how big of a fishing area it is. You can bring your kayak out too if you would like. 

I'm going to continue to create drone videos like this one and the Summer Sunsets video I did last week. It's funny, my whole business revolves around Marketing for other business. But, at the same I still have to effectively Market my own business by creating content and showing what I can offer. 

Yesterday was a real good day overall. I picked up another client to build a website for, so that was a great start to the day. I helped Abby's softball practice in 100 degree weather. I finished the day catching up on some Chamber work and then having our monthly meeting. 

Today, two more meetings scheduled. I'm hoping to get the Walnut Custom Components website completed very soon for viewing. I will be putting the finishing touches on a video for Green River Country Club this week, as well. 

Have I mentioned I love my job? 

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