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Day 15 of 30: Organized Chaos

This picture above and the picture below is my office right now. It's progressively gotten worse since I started this business. I call it organized chaos because although it looks like a mess, I know exactly where everything is at. Now, if you know me well, you know I do like to have things organized (without the chaos) so this does bother me every now and then.

The good news is I am about to complete a couple of big projects, hopefully in the next couple of days, so I may have time to clean up the office a little bit. My messy office reminds me of when I talk to businesses about Social Media strategies. Most businesses don't have a strategy so it's basically organized chaos. In other words, it's a platform they can really benefit from but it's been left unkept.

A lot of businesses have good intentions by posting several things in a week, but then a month goes by and they haven't updated their Facebook business page. It's understandable, they are busy at their craft, and social media doesn't seem important. But it is important. Social Media is a big marketing tool for your business to increase your brand awareness which drives up sales. That's how I can help you, the business owner. Contact me anytime at for a free consultation.

Had a couple of good meetings yesterday and progress was made on a lot of projects I have going on. I think today is going to be similar. I have a few more meetings and then hopefully get some projects completed so I can enjoy Father's Day weekend with my family.

Also, looking forward to seeing some old friends tonight for supper. Maybe I can get the office cleaned too.

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