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Day 16 of 30: Everything is Not Perfect

Hey everyone! Over halfway through the month! Yesterday, I posted some pictures of my messy office. Today, I'm going to post some outtakes from a video I shot a few months ago. But, first let me show you the edited final product before the outtakes.

It was a simple video posted to the Green River Country Club Facebook page to produce a few laughs. Obviously, he didn't make the hole-in-one, that would be an impressive shot. The video received likes, comments and shares. On the marketing side, that's the goal when you produce content.

But, here's my point for today. Most everything you see on Social Media is edited, photoshopped, filtered, and cropped to make it look better. You see pictures from vacations, birthdays, sporting events, concerts, etc. We pick out our happy moments in life, share it with the world and wait for a reaction. That's basically what Social Media is on a personal level.

Now, let me show you the outtakes from the video above.

Here's a reminder that everything is not perfect in life. What you see on Social Media is a snapshot of our day. We all have hard moments, we all have our struggles. That's part of life. We need our friends, family and faith to get through the trials in life. Social Media is great for a lot of things. In fact, it's an important part of my business. But, we need real relationships outside of an LCD screen.

I'm reminded of this as I will be attending a Benefit tonight for a 13-year-old with a rare disease and then next week a mom of two daughters who is battling the incurable disease called ALS. The things I complain about are so minimal compared to what these two are facing everyday. Life is not perfect for sure, but let's enjoy it. Be thankful for the blessings that surround you and help those in need.

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