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Day 17 of 30: Video Editing

I've spent the majority of the past two days capturing and editing various videos. The fun part about this is I'm learning new tips and tricks everyday to get better at this process. Most people don't realize that taking the video is only about half of the process. It's the post-production, which involves trimming footage, color correcting, inserting audio and music that takes a lot of time.

For my editing, I use Final Cut Pro X and iMovie on the Mac. So far, it's been exactly what I need for what I'm trying to accomplish. So, yesterday I released the first of nine videos for Green River Country Club breaking down each hole at the course. The plan is to have different members speak about each hole. I'm happy with how the first one turned out, which you can view here.

This upcoming week I will be releasing another video for the Country Club, which is a promotional video for the entire course and clubhouse. I started this project in April and captured a lot of footage that will be compiled into a 3-minute video. I'm excited for this release!

I do have a YouTube channel that is a compilation of all my video work. You can view my drone videos and random videos I put together for businesses all at my channel.

Next week, I have a lot going on. I'm hoping to get two websites live that I've been working on. There's just been a few minor hold-ups getting them completed, otherwise they are ready to go.

I'm going to enjoy this weekend with my family. Thanks for reading.

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