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Day 21 of 30: Graphic Design

One thing that I don't have listed on my Services page is Graphic Design. I do have experience doing graphic design from when I used to work at The Walnut Leader, a newspaper in my town. I designed ads using Photoshop and really enjoyed doing it. Like most things, I was really bad at first but after a lot of practice I started to get confident in the designs.

But, that's a reminder that all work experience in your life can be a benefit. I didn't imagine years later I would be asked do Graphic Design again. For whatever reason, I've been asked to do a lot of it lately and I have really enjoyed it. There is something fun about creating something from scratch based on someone's vision. It's a challenge and I'm a perfectionist so it's something I want to get right and I'll keep working at it until I'm satisfied.

My wife is great at putting the final touches on my projects too. It's funny, I'll be happy with a project but feel like something is slightly off or missing. This goes for any project, not just Graphic Design. I'll ask my wife to look at it, she'll give me a suggestion and it's always spot on. An example would be the Men's Day graphic above. She suggested moving the font slightly so you could see more of the person in the picture and the final result is so much better. Like I said in one of my first posts, she just as important to this business as I am.

That's it for today. A lot to accomplish in little time. I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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