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Day 22 of 30: Analyzing My Latest Video

Yesterday I posted a promotional video I made for Green River Country Club. Looking back at all the footage, this video was actually two months in the making with the first video recorded on April 19th. Today, I'm going to talk about the creation of that video, specifically what I liked about the video and what I would do different for the next one.

My original goal was to have the video out June 1st, which was also my first day of full-time self employment. But, when you are working full-time at another job you are relying on good weather on the weekends and your days off to capture footage. That's not easy, especially in the spring. The video was released a little later than I would have liked but I also think it the was the right time because I was able to put in clips from Glow Golf and Keegan's Benefit.


I shot the video with four different video cameras. Some of the early footage was done with a Sony AX33, which I later returned to upgrade to a Canon XA30. The interview footage and some of the actions shots were recorded with the XA30. I also used a Canon T6i DSLR for a lot of footage and my iPhone 6s for two clips. Finally, the drone footage was captured with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

What I Would Have Done Different

Next time I do a big project like this video I will try and capture all the outdoor footage within 1-2 days. It's a small critique but doing the footage over two months you get different sky colors (which you will notice in the video), the trees don't have all their leaves early on, and the grass on the course are different colors based on the time I was recording. I'm a perfectionist so I notice things like that.

Favorite Shots

Their are two specific clips I really like. The shot of the Hole 6 tee box at 1:01. It's a simple shot but I like the angle (I was laying in the grass) and how the #6 is in focus. I also really like the shot of the Clubhouse at 2:37. At the time of capturing that video the sky was a perfect blue and the grass was very green. The colors just pop in that clip. I also like all the golf shot footage. On pretty much all the shots I was able to still capture the original sound of the golf swing layered over the music. A minor detail I love that worked. Only one didn't work because it was too windy that day and the wind sound was too strong.

Overall, I was happy with how things turned out. I learned a lot about shooting video (angles, natural lighting, and different shooting modes on my camera) through the process. I also learned a lot more about Final Cut Pro, my video editing software. The whole point on the video was to get exposure for Green River Country Club and at the time I am posting this blog it has over 3,500 views in 22 hours. Goal achieved.

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