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Day 23 of 30: Why Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? Basically, it's a term for the marketing of products and services using digital technology. The main platform that is used is the internet. In other words, it's when businesses use search engines, social media, e-mail and their website to reach current and potential customers.

In my mind, there is not a more effective way of marketing these days than digital. Older forms of marketing: Newspaper, Magazines, Radio and even TV are still used by brands but they are much more costly and I believe eventually will disappear.

When I say disappear, I mean the old way of doing things. Newspapers now are putting a lot of energy into social media and selling advertising for their websites. Magazines are turning into Webzines. Radio is turning into more Podcasts. TV is still there but now you see it evolving into online streaming outlets like Netflix and Hulu.

Digital Marketing is faster. It's spontaneous. Social Media is live 24/7. You can instantly respond to a customer question. You can make a sale while you are sleeping if you have an online store. You can target specific audiences online where you can't do that in print.

The question is why did I get into the field of Digital Marketing? Because I know how important it is for businesses and a lot of them don't have time to learn the strategies involved with marketing to customers online. I've told clients I've met with - you focus on what you are good at and I will focus on the online marketing side for you.

There is still a place for the traditional forms of marketing, but if your business hasn't implemented any Digital Marketing then you are missing out on potential sales and new customers.

If you have any questions about Digital Marketing, contact me at I would be more than happy to sit down and talk. I love doing this and want to show you how I can help.

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