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Day 24 of 30: A Day Off

Yesterday was the first time during my self-employment that I took a day off during the week. I had some long overdue yard work to finish and with 4th of July approaching I wanted to have it done by next weekend.

I've come to realize that I never have a true day off. I still had a meeting yesterday morning, I was answering e-mails throughout the day and scheduling appointments for next week as I was browsing around a Garden Center. I'm not complaining though. It's a lifestyle that I chose and I love.

I thought two of the websites I've been working on would have been released last week, but for various reasons it looks like it will be this upcoming week before they go live. I'm hoping to work on a couple of video projects next week and to get started on some new websites.

This is going to be a really short blog today. I have to get ready to help with a Benefit that takes place this afternoon. The weather forecast looks great, so we are hoping for a great turnout to help out the family. Have a great weekend.

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