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Day 25 of 30: Content is King

If you have a Facebook Business Page it's becoming more and more important to produce good content on your page if you want to be noticed.

In a recent article at Social&Ogilvy it talked about the demise of organic reach on Facebook. Organic reach would be described as people that see your post without a paid boost. With that said, total reach are those who see your posts no matter how it is distributed.

In that previous article it talks how the percentage of people seeing brand's posts continues to decline each year. Currently, it's around 4%, down from 16% in 2012. The rumor is at some point in the future the number will be at 0% and the only way to see content would be if you directly visit a brand's page or if that brand pays for it to be seen. Discouraging if you are a business.

But, that brings me to my original point. Right now, content is king. What I mean by that is to get noticed in social media you need to produce good content for your page. Instead of one or two sentences of text, make a graphic with that same info that catches people's eyes when scrolling. There are free apps like Canva that provides templates to help you.

Facebook also favors video content right now. Live video and video clips are huge right now and although there are no official numbers, Facebook's algorithm will favor video and a higher percentage will see that content.

But, the biggest thing with good content is that it will produce more likes, shares and comments, which will boost your organic reach because more people outside of your page followers will see it. It's all about expanding and reaching a new audience, right? Getting exposure for your brand is Marketing 101.

That's why producing good content is important and will continue to be more important in the future. You need a strategy on Social Media if you want to get results. If this sounds too overwhelming, e-mail me at and we can talk.

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