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Day 27 of 30: Avanti Foods Website Before and After

Yesterday went live with a new design. I've designed websites before, but this was my first official design for a client. The great thing about this project was the owners knew the content they wanted on the site, provided me the information in a timely matter, and after a few minor adjustments we were all happy with the final product. I couldn't ask for a better first client to work with.

In this blog, I'm going to talk a little bit about the process of how we came up with the design.

First, let's look at the homepage of the new website:

Now, here is the old version:

When we first met they knew they needed an updated website that was a better experience for the customer. A lot of the menu items you see above were included in the new site but were also updated with new information.

The chalet is a staple of Avanti Foods so we wanted to show that off on the homepage as well as the Welcome to Walnut from Avanti Foods sign with the gazebo in the background. The text displayed on the homepage was provided by the owners.

The sidebar on the left of the homepage was requested by the owners to be displayed on all the pages (expect the Avanti History, Avanti Story and Contact pages). This informational bar gives the hours of the Cheese Store, contact information, a link to the monthly specials and a Facebook link (not pictured).

A couple of new pages on the site that weren't on the old website is one for the history of Avanti's and the story of Avanti's.

The Avanti Story talks about the founding fathers of Avanti's and the history looks at the company over the years and the progress that has been made. Interesting fact, the history picture was taken in Switzerland and features part of the Zueger ancestry. Both are great additions to the new website.

One of the goals of the new site was to give more of a personal feel with pictures of staff throughout the different pages. This graphic above is displayed on the homepage per the owner's request. When a customer looks at this they see a friendly staff of a locally-owned business. Avanti's delivers in customer service and anyone that has been a patron in the past would probably agree.

The Gift Box section was re-designed to be in slideshow form. The customer can click arrows to cycle through the different gift boxes and then right below is a link to order as well as pricing information.

One last page I want to highlight is the Cheese and Gift Shop. These five photos inside the store are available to view and show off the unique Cheese Store that Avanti's offers. The benefit for me is it is right in my hometown! If you view the page in full, there is a detailed description of what is offered in the store. There are lot of people that travel from afar to shop at this store so it's nice to offer online some pictures and list of items that are available when shopping.

Overall, this project was very enjoyable. I'm very grateful to Avanti's for giving me the opportunity to do this work for them. They were a big part in getting my business off the ground. Hopefully, we can work again together in the future.

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