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Day 29 of 30: WCC website

On Tuesday, I looked at the finished Avanti Foods website. Today, I'm going to look at the recently completed website for Walnut Custom Components.

This website design was unique because they had already had a domain, subscription and template started for the site. They needed someone to come in and put together a finished product with updated content. The team at WCC have been so busy, which is a great thing, that they hired me to get the job done. I'm happy with the final results.

When you first visit the site, you quickly get the idea of what kind of company WCC is. That should be the goal of every website. People's attention spans are short. They are not going to want to spend time trying to figure out what kind of company you are. Nothing frustrates me more than spending a few minutes on a website and still not knowing exactly what the company offers and what it can do for me.

Within a few seconds you have WCC's contact information in front of you, a menu bar and a picture of trusses. I took the picture of the trusses with my Canon DSLR. Have I mentioned how much I love that camera? Anyways, WCC builds custom made wall panels and roof and floor trusses and if you scroll down just a little bit you get more information about the company.

In the "Who We Are" section, you can view a video on Youtube that explains who WCC is. The presentation was provided to me in PowerPoint and I put it into video mode so it can be viewed on the website. WCC has a really long history that's a very interesting read. The picture above is a link to the History section of the website.

Again, on the front page I really wanted to let the customer know who WCC is and what they can do for them. This portion of the front page shows the three things they specialize in and the fact that components are assembled in their factory, cut with accuracy, built and delivered.

As I mentioned above, a History section was created detailing the long story of WCC, which has operated under many different names. This section has over 20+ pictures, plus a long biography of the company. It's a very interesting read.

The site also features a gallery of the different components the company builds:

Above you can see the roof trusses, but there are sections for floor systems and wall panels.

The main goal of the site was to get it finished in a timely matter, because it had been several years that the company didn't have a functional website. The second goal was to keep it basic, but informational, and I think we definitely accomplished that. They are not pictured above, but there are also about and contact sections on the website so customers can directly get a hold of the WCC team if they need to.

Here's what I loved about this project. First, I always enjoy telling a business that I just need a little information from them, but let me do the work while you focus on what you are good at. Second, I learned a lot about the company. I knew who WCC was and what they do but I didn't know exactly what all their services were. Third, just like Avanti's, I worked with great people that I got to know a little bit better and would love to work with again in the future.

Take a look at the completed site at

In July, I hope to have three more websites completed. Stayed tuned for more information on those.

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