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Time For An Update

I haven't blogged in two weeks! I'm slacking, I know.

Honestly, between Fourth of July week, going up to Wisconsin for a few days, and just completing a 30 day blogging marathon, I needed a little break from it. But, I plan to get back a 2-3 per week post average, starting now.

While up north last week, I realized the importance of vacations. We were only gone two days, but I have to say it was a great time. When you start a business, like I have, you are constantly thinking about that business. You think about things like your to-do list, what you can do to improve the business, what does the future look like, etc. All normal things any business owner would think about it. It's reality and I love every second of it.

Going up north, I can't say I didn't think about the business, but my focus was on my family, relaxing and creating memories. It was a nice, mental break.

Here's the difference with my lifestyle right now. Are you like me and on that last day of vacation you start thinking about having to go back to work and start to get the sense of sadness? That used to be me. While in the pool on the last day, I looked at my brother-in-law and said the difference with my life right now is that I look forward to getting back home and working, but at the same time I can enjoy every second of my last day of vacation. It was a different feeling, for sure.

So what have I been working on? I just completed another website. I need final approval from the owner and a domain transfer and then hopefully next week we can make it go live. I also am currently working on four different websites. Things are busy.

Also, I have a big announcement coming. Hoping August 1st will be the date that I can announce the big project I'm working on. I can't wait to reveal it.

Aside from my job, work is beginning on a Fall Festival that I'm heavily involved in. We have less than three months until the event so a lot of work will be done between now and then.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. If you followed along with the earlier blogs, Abby will play her final softball games this weekend. It's been a blast coaching her team.

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