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Website Overview: Read Insurance Agency

Today is the launch of Read Insurance's new website at, so I decided to give a brief overview of the design.

The image above is the homepage. The top image is a slideshow of his different locations. We timed the photographs perfectly with the hydrangulas in full bloom at his Princeton office.

In the middle of the page I added a quote button so if any customer visits his site they can simply fill out the form and it goes directly to the business e-mail address. This benefit of this is it also creates an e-mail list on Harold's side that he can capture to follow-up with potential customers. (EDIT: After publishing this blog I decided to add the word FREE to "GET A QUOTE" just so there is no hesitation from the customer side)

Harold offers multiple types of insurance coverages so we wanted to list those out on the website. Those looking for different types of coverage can see if Read Insurance offers what they need. For example, Travel Insurance is something Harold says a lot of people don't realize he offers. Now, a quick online search will show that coverage is available.

Speaking of online searches, I worked with Harold to put together keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That is a service that is included in any website I design.

Once again, like my previous website clients, Harold was great to work with. He had some ideas of what he wanted on the site but he also gave me the creative freedom to build the site with my own ideas.

With any website client, we always meet before the site goes live to get a final approval. In some cases it may take several meetings to get the exact look that the client desires. The main thing for me is that they are happy with the final look before we launch the site.

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