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Website Overview: Keith Arteberry Trucking

If there was an ideal client to work with it was Keith and Tara Arteberry. Why do I say that? They completed trusted me with the design and they were very easy going with the deadline.

At times, I thought I wasn't doing my job because I had made no progress since June on the site. But, they are very busy and that's a good thing. The main thing is, we didn't want to rush the project. So, when the text and pictures were submitted to me that they wanted included on the site it was time to go to work.

Here is the home page of

They sent me some great images of their trucks. The top image is from a stop in California.

Another favorite of mine is on the About page:

Such a cool picture with the sunset in the background.

Keith Arteberry is a family-owned business in Walnut. The Arteberry's believe customer service is their first priority, and I couldn't agree more. They are a preferred refrigerated carrier for time and temperature sensitive products. They pride themselves on getting customer's products delivered safely and in a timely manner.

Check out the site today and hire Keith for any of your transportation needs.

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