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Website Overview: Dietz Drainage Inc.

One of my favorite parts of putting together websites for businesses is talking to the owners/employees about the different aspects of their business. In a lot of cases, I have a general idea about the business and what they do, but then I find out they have a lot more services than I originally thought.

This was true with Dietz Drainage Inc. When we first started talking about re-designing their website I knew they were an excavating company. But, after talking to the Dietz family they offer a lot more services than I realized.

Here is a list: Basement Digging, Ditch Digging, Field Pump Installation, Dirt Removal, Tile Installation, Sea Wall Installation, Septic Installation, Footing Digging, Tube Replacement, Tree / Brush Grinding, Waterway Shaping, Tile Repair, Retaining Wall Installation, Retention / Recreational Ponds, Pond Overflows, GPS tile map, Tile Installed using Laser Grading, and a Tile Plan for estimating.

That was one of the goals of the Dietz Family with the new website. They wanted to let the public know what they all offer. Their previous website was a simple 4-5 page design template that they had minimal control over. With the new site we wanted to highlight what they offered, the equipment they had to get the job done, and a little bit about their history and experience.

So, we broke down the services into 7 categories. See below:

Clicking on each service will go into detail about them:

They have almost 20 pieces of equipment to fulfill all these services. We highlighted them with a page showing off their different types of equipment, broken down into four categories (Excavation, Hauling, Miscellaneous, Tiling):

Another thing that was lacking on their old website was just a brief history of the company. I always like the thought of working with a family-run business with a lot of experience. Dietz Drainage fits that profile.

It was a pleasure working with Dietz Drainage! Look them up for all your excavating needs and as you found out above, they offer a lot more than just that!

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