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Website Overview: McDonald Trucking & Paving

This week I finished a new website for McDonald Trucking & Paving, just in time for their busy season. You can view the full site here.

When talking to the McDonald's about what they would like to see from their new site, the biggest thing was the use of their own images. If you compare their old site, which is pictured a little bit further down, that is the biggest improvement you will notice.

That was my main focus of the site: make it look more personal to WHO they are as a business. Photos of their equipment and what they offer is featured all over the site. We also set up a photo gallery to show off their equipment and capabilities, which you can see below.

Their old site, which was designed by a national website company, was filled with stock photos. You may have heard me say in the past I really dislike stock images. I will use them when necessary, but try to avoid them as much as possible. Below is a picture of their old site. The main picture in the slider area is a random office building, not their own building.

We also expanded their service menu broken down into four categories: asphalt paving, dirt work, reclaiming and trucking. Each page goes into a little more detail about what they offer.

In the summer months, we will look to update some of the photos from job sites. But, for now, the site is filled with their own branding.

I want to thank everyone at McDonald Trucking & Paving for working on this project together. Call them for any of your trucking or paving needs.

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