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Day 7 of 30: Summer Sunsets (Extended Version)

The video above shows an extended version of the "Summer Sunsets" video I posted on Facebook last night. It felt good to fly the drone again and it was another perfect summer night to get some footage.

That's how my night ended. The day started with a lot of e-mailing back-and-forth for different projects. I scheduled two meetings with potential clients which is great. I also did a lot of work for our Town Meeting coming up on June 12th.

Facebook had me frustrated yesterday. I was trying to upload a video tour of a home I recorded and it was taking too long to upload. The video is under four minutes and Facebook is notorious for taking a long time to load videos, but this one simply wouldn't finish. I defaulted to just sharing the Youtube link, which you can see here.

The reason I prefer to upload to Facebook is because of their algorithm, which means content their software picks and chooses who sees it. If you are a business trying to get your content noticed, the Facebook algorithm prefers video uploaded to their native player. A Youtube link is going to get a less organic reach because I'm basically just sharing a link. Frustrating.

I also took a break in the afternoon to go to Abby's softball practice, I perk that I love with my flexible schedule now. Big game tonight on the road, trying to get the record over .500 for the year.

Short blog today. I'm off to a meeting. Have a great day.

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