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Starved Rock Regional Center Video

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Starved Rock Regional Center in Ottawa, IL.

Starved Rock Regional Center provides developmental therapy for children ages birth - three years old, speech and physical therapy for children ages birth - 17 years old, structured playgroup for two year olds, child care for children ages six weeks - 12 years, and preschool programming for three & four year olds. They also have an autism resource center.

They had asked me to come do a 5-6 minute video for their Black and White Ball to be held this Saturday at Senica's Oak Ridge in LaSalle. I was thrilled with the opportunity and I made two trips to their facility, one to do interviews and the second to capture footage of the children and do a couple of more interviews.

I have to say, the staff at SRCC is amazing. Take a quick look at their Facebook page and it is full of positive reviews about how great they are with all the children that come through. Words like family, patience, and wonderful pop up a lot. Interviewing some of the staff, you could just feel how much they love the children they work with.

It takes special people to work in a daycare, preschool, etc. for a full-time job. I know firsthand, as my wife is in that line of work. I commend them for their hard work and the difference they are making in lives of others.

Take six minutes out of your day to watch the video above. I interviewed staff and a couple of families that have a child that attends SRCC. I really enjoyed this project and I want to thank Tracy at SRCC for being so accomodating and friendly.

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