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Website Overview: Midwest M&D Services Inc.

Last week I posted a blog about going back to the basics of digital marketing. You can read it here. In that blog I talked about the digital marketing essentials for businesses today. The number one item on that list was a website.

Midwest M&D Services is a relatively new business. They were founded in 2014. Business for them is good. They are growing and expanding the services they offer.

Doug, the owner of Midwest M&D Services, approached me one day and said he almost lost an opportunity for a job because the person couldn't find any contact information for the business online. That's when Doug knew a website was overdue.

The goal for this website was simple. The first goal was so they could be found when doing online searches. To further help that, we are also in the process of setting up a Google My Business page for them. The second goal was to showcase was exactly they offer as a business.

It's a versatile business with experience in many areas. On their homepage we have a "carousel" of services. You can see one of them in the screenshot below.

In addition to their general and specialty exacavating, they do commercial snowplowing, fenceline removal, tree and brush mulching, parking lot and driveway coreouts, waterways, and have just started tile repair.

To showcase their work, we added a a photo gallery and video page to the menu as well.

Midwest M&D Services is located in Walnut and recently opened their main facility on North Main Street in Princeton.

Thank you Doug and crew for educating me on your business and what exactly you all can do. It was fun working with you guys. Check out their website at

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