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The Best Marketing Strategy I Can Give

I probably got you here because of a catchy headline and a cute picture of kittens. If so, good. This is important for every business to remember.

Sometimes we make marketing hard. We are looking for every new trend and idea to get a leg up on the competition. We enroll in workshops, buy online courses, watch YouTube videos and take in as much content as possible to become an expert in promoting our product or service.

There is nothing wrong with those things, in fact I encourage them. But, world famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk said something that has stuck with me and I will never forget as long as I'm in business.

The best marketing strategy is very simple. It's to care. That's it. Care.

Care about your customer.

Care about your product.

Care about your service.

If you have a product or service and your customer is unhappy with it. Make it right. Go the extra step to make them happy that they chose your product. Even if it takes sometimes losing money upfront. It will be worth it in the long run. Why? Because you build lifelong customers.

If you blog, care about your readers. Engage with your followers. If they comment on your blog or social media page, respond back. Build a tribe.

There are so many resources out there that can make your business look good in the marketing world. If you have money, you can have the best looking website, have the most professional looking videos, spend thousands on Facebook ads, etc. But, if you want to be in business for a long time and have loyal customers, don't forget to care about each and every one of them.

Gary said it best. There are too many people running businesses with their mind and not their heart.

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