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Why a Customer Was Ordered to Pay $1.08M for a Negative Online Review


A question I've received from several different clients since I started this business is "how do you remove negative reviews?"

Well, here's one of the most bizarre stories I've ever heard about how former clients of a Dallas Wedding Photographer were ordered to pay $1.08 million for leaving bad reviews online.

Click here to read the whole story on the Dallas Morning News website.

Businesses are sometimes surprised to learn that reviews can exist online without them even knowing about it. So, after I received several questions about negative reviews online I looked into a tool that will generate a report on what reviews exist for you on sites you may not know about, plus flag negative reviews that come in about your business.

Right now, I am offering to run this report for your business for free. E-mail me at and simply reply with your business name.

There is power in knowing what's out there and maybe it will result in a million dollar settlement. Probably not, but you get my point. ;)

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