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A Snapshot of My Week

As we approach Fall, I can look back at the past four months and realize I'm blessed to do what I do. It's true I've never worked this much in my life. But, it's also true that I haven't enjoyed working this much either.

So, today I wanted to show a little bit about the versatility of Jamison Media Services and how my work defines the business name.

Here's what my past week or so looked like:

  • I did some video work for a local hospital

  • Helped launch a blog for a friend

  • Discussed with a client about helping them create a Facebook Business page

  • Created a Google Business page for another client

  • In the beginning stages of creating a website for a new business

  • Did a video tour of a home

  • Attended four sporting events which I created videos for

  • Continued planning and marketing an event in my hometown

The bulletpoints above are just a snapshot of my days. The joy of this work is I get to create every day. It's not unusual for me to do each one of those things throughout the course of 24 hours. Versatility is fun. That's why Services was added to the end of my business name. I provide a variety of services.

Another reason I love doing what I do. The picture above is my daughter and I attending a volleyball game. It's a blessing to be able literally take my daughter to work whenever I want. She could have chose to stay home, but she wanted to go with dad that night.

Have a great week. Contact me if your business needs help with any marketing needs. I'd love to meet with you.

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